Speeding up eco-technology.

In Italy, Marelli, a key designer and supplier of components to the world’s automakers, has selected Surahammars Hi-Lite as a critical element in its new high-performance electric motor.

As an international Group they are committed to the design and produce hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector, Marelli is evolving in a complete e-Powertrain system supplier with the scope of managing, controlling, and optimizing the complete flow of energy in Evs.

Leveraging on the Technology transfer from race (F1, Formula E) to road, and a proven track record in mass production components, the production focuses on leading edge technologies for maximizing power density and efficiency: from 800V systems, to high revolution speed e-motors, and SiC (Silicon carbide) power inverter.

The final choice fell on a customised Hi-Lite 0.27 mm grade resulting in lower losses at high rotation speeds compared to available grades, in combination with a higher mechanical strength which engenders improvement of torque compared to standard grades. The result is electric motors with compact design and high power density.

Requirement and challenges.

Vincenzo Giorgianni, who heads Electromagnetic Design at Marelli’s Hybrid & Electric Systems Division, explains the requirement and challenges.

“This electric motor must deliver considerable torque at very low speeds, requiring a high magnetic flux between rotor and stator. But it must deliver high power at high speeds too, to provide powerful acceleration at speeds over 200 km/h with no loss of efficiency. This means magnetic losses must be kept low, even at very high rotation speeds. A motor able to perform at high rotation speeds can generate the specified power output in a more compact design than one performing at lower rotation speeds, offering a clear space gain.”

Motors with compact design and high power density​
saves package space and weight and render a high efficiency
and high continuous power, which results in good thermal behaviour
which guarantees a consistent performance and service life.