Hi-Lite is a series of ultra thin non-oriented electrical steels that opens up a new world of possibilities when designing high frequency applications. It helps you achieve harmony between size, weight, energy efficiency and performance.

The Hi-Lite way of thinking.

Making your product better.

Our main focus is finding the solutions that will improve your product. We not only have a wide variety of versatile thin gauge electrical steel with unprecedented material characteristics – we sit on years of experience in material science and application design. Choose Hi-Lite to tap into a new way of working, and gain immediate access to the “best of the best” in materials science, design, tooling and stamping.

Hi-Lite – A whole new world of possibilities.

Let us show you the possibilities.

Speeding up eco-tech

Hi-Lite – a critical element in the Magneti Marelli high-performance electric motor

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Accelerating motor demands

ATE relies on Hi-Lite for its low energy loss at high frequencies.

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Cutting costs

AQ Trafo has chosen Hi-Lite for its high-performance inductive components.

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Higher speed means smaller size and weight – with the same power.


Thin gauge material minimises energy loss in high frequency, fast-rotating motors.


Hi-Lite reduces the losses caused by increased switching frequencies of variable frequency drives.

One partner.

All the way.

Working with thin materials can be challenging. Achieving industrial volumes in a given time span is never certain. Make life easy for yourself. Less stress, more cost efficient. Contact Hi-Lite’s team of dedicated experts. Backed by the multiple skills of our international network, we’ll help transform your innovative visions into commercial reality. We can even help set up pilot units prior to establishing your own production facilities. From single elements to the design, manufacture and supply of complete components, the choice is yours.

The whole process is available – You pick and choose.

Design support

We assist with electrical and mechanical design and supply-chain optimization.

Cold rolling

We produce all standard NO steel grades, as well as specially developed Hi-Lite grades in thicknesses of 0.1 to 0.3mm.

Slitting & Cutting

Full-width or customized strip. We can also supply sheets cut to length, from 1150 x 3000 mm down to 12x12mm.


Our partners are experts in the design and production of tooling for the processing of thin steels.


We can supply finished stacks of laminations or help you find the right supplier, whether you require interlocked, welded or bonded stacks.

Pack, label & ship

We package and label orders as per your instructions – and handle all shipping requirements.


Anealing & Pickling

The hot rolled coils are annealed before pickling to ensure optimal magnetic properties.

Final Annealing & Coating

Hi-Lite’s unique properties are developed during the final annealing process. The strip is then coated to ensure minimum eddy current losses.

Laser cutting, Etching or Wire Cutting

We help you find the right laminations supplier for prototypes and smaller pilot series.


Stamping thin metal has long posed a challenge. Our partners are specialized in this field.

Quality control

Quality at every stage of production and supply.